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SNAPSHOTS - 28/07/2014

A few photos from the past weeks! I’ve been to some medieval fairs and visited new places so I’ve been in a semi-hiatus, but I’ll try to get back to posting. Hope you’re having a happy holiday!

A huge bookstore filled with old and cheap books in Obidos! Oh so beautiful! The walls are all filled like this!


Celorico da Beira, Guarda. These artists of old!



Aahh such a nice view! I really love castles 



I have an addiction to medieval fairs!



And now to the beach!


Aaahh Summer! Where will the next stop be? I’ll find out soon~

Quick doodle as a break from work

Facebook Art Page

Just sharing my Art Page

I upload more works in progress there so feel free to follow me if you want.
I’m almost on 700 likes and I will do a giveaway when I hit them <3



last days had showed me that things had changed and i need to do something with my life.

this is not that i give up drawing and art. i hope. but i need to quit the fandom for some time. and stop drawing fanart. lately i hadn’t time for this and that was worried me so much, hurted me. and drawing…

It’s great you had the courage to choose. I’m so happy I had the chance to meet such an amazing person with such a beautiful soul. Thank you for everything and for being part of the fandom.
You are following your path and that’s great! I wish you all the luck and peace and I hope you can achieve what you need for yourself.

If you ever want to return we will be here for you <3 Take care sweetie! <3


And it’s done.

Wow I’m impressed how after 1 year this picture keeps getting so many notes. I came here today to find a gigantic list of notifications on this post <3

Arrgh I just couldn’t wait to finish the lineart. Skin tones are so enjoyable! Sorry for the lack of updates, but I promise I’ll be back tomorrow.
Have a good night! (or a great day depending where you live) <3


Feral Works Loves Sculpting Giveaway!

I love sculpting and a lot of my followers seem interested in trying it out. Sculpey is a great way to get started, and I’ve put together a very basic kit which can help you on your sculpting way!

What you get:

  • 5 in 1 Sculpting tool 
  • Creating Lifelike Figures in Polymer Clay by Katherine Dewey
  • 1 lb of Super Sculpey
  • Maybe some other goodies :D


  • Reblog this post once to get an entry. Multiple reblogs do not count. Likes do not count.
  • You must be following my blog:
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  • New followers are welcome!
  • You must be willing to share your address, or if you are under 18, get your parents’ permission to share your address. I need to be able to ship this stuff to you! 
  • The winner will be randomly chosen on WednesdayJuly 23rd in the evening. Reblogs after the drawing will not count. 
  • If the contacted winner does not respond within 24 hours, another winner will be chosen. I want to ship this stuff out on the 25th!
  • I reserve the right to remove an entrants from the drawing (like if you make rude or mean comments on your reblog, so please, only reblog if you are actually interested in winning). If you want to signal boost without entering, just mention that in your reblog
  • You must have an open ask box, so that I can contact you!
  • I will pay for shipping, but only standard first class shipping. I can ship internationally, so anyone can win. Though please be advised international shipments may take over 2 weeks to arrive, and I am not responsible for any additional customs fees that may be incurred.
  • If you win, you agree to the above terms.

Thank you, everyone who follows me… You are awesome!
Good Luck!

Work in progress. Sketching, making the lineart and inking

Today I just feel like shit. The reason why I don’t like holidays is that I have enough time to think of how I want to give up on everything

Illustration in progress

 said: Fili + 5? Have fun! <3

This palette was a bit difficult but also very challenging! Still accepting requests 

Last commission offer in progress. I’m almost free!

 said: Danny Targaryen from game of thrones. #7

I really had fun with this! Send me more requests 

I spent the whole afternoon trying digital art. I’m feeling frustrated with all the failed attempts, so I had to do something traditional.

Here, have a Fili sketch~